In recent years Susan has been making mixed media art works, using natural, and found materials, organic pigments and precious metals.

Susan has 
actively worked to develop painting skills. In particular, the desire 
to use drawing, print making and painting as a combined process, to facilitate personal discovery and 
expression, exploring the nature and atmospheres of the spaces that make up the every day experience of living in Wales and its extraordinary landscape.

Susan has been motivated by extremes in the
 nature of the visual landscape, from the flatness of the sea, to the mountainous ranges of Snowdonia and the Clwydian mountains.

Susan is influenced by the unavoidable visual impact that differing light conditions make on our surrounding environment and  combines these ideas and elements to produce work that is original in concept and expressive in appearance.With no set visual vocabulary but the process of observational drawing, and the physical activity of making and expressing the marks result in series of related paintings, and mono prints.