Susan’s art practice involves making images representing the dramatic landscape of North Wales. Her main inspiration is from walking, drawing and painting in the Mountains of Snowdonia.

The effects of atmospheric light, colour texture and reflection are represented, by drawing, prints and paintings using natural inks, paints and pigments manufactured from local minerals and organic dyes.

Susan has become involved in image making that is derived from exploring the extraction and quarrying processes and how they have impacted on the appearance of the landscape.

From geographical and geological layers she represents the physical vision. To expand the images some are overlaid with precious metal. The images consist of layers of painting, drawing, print and photography. The way the land has been formed, informs the process of her image making.

Susan’s exhibition Emergence during 2015 re engaged Susan with abstract image making exploring the possibility of blending images and formations left by the extraction process, with the ideas of Emergence Theory. This is a way of looking at the dynamics of complex processes. An example would be viewing several images in a painting installation of strata and geological formation when placed together. A secondary image occurs consisting of lines and structures. This is more identifiable in the monochrome visuals, where the light and dark areas become linear and spatial, leading one’s eye in, around and out of the image.